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Apple announced the iPad release dates today. Americans will, as expected, get their hands on the iPad first at the start of April, however the Canadians, French, British, Spanish, Germans, Swiss, Italians, Australians, and Japanese will have to wait until the end of April. As for other countries? “Later” is all the information Apple has. […]

You may think Apple stores are everywhere in the United States, but as our chart (below) shows, there are still nine states (plus the District of Columbia) without a single Apple store. California, meanwhile, basks in the sun with a whopping 46 stores – the equivalent of 1 store for every 800,000 citizens.

Apple’s American customers are used to buying music, music videos, audiobooks, TV shows, movies, as well as renting movies — all through the iTunes store. However, not every Apple customer can do this. In fact, most of the international iTunes stores have no music for sale whatsoever.

Which countries have official Apple websites, official online Apple Stores, and which countries have Apple retail stores? If you love maps, and you love Apple, you’ll love this post. See more after the jump.