iPad will launch in countries with Apple Stores first


Apple's iPad roll-out mapped. Click for full-size view.

Apple announced the iPad release dates today. Americans will, as expected, get their hands on the iPad first at the start of April, however the Canadians, French, British, Spanish, Germans, Swiss, Italians, Australians, and Japanese will have to wait until the end of April. As for other countries? “Later” is all the information Apple has.

Notice that all the countries getting iPads first are the countries with Apple retail stores! Coincidence? Perhaps not. Apple presumably has the biggest and best-equipped local offices in those countries. The only exceptions are China (which only has 1 store anyway) and Spain, which has no stores, but 4 stores are expected to open soon.

Countries with Apple retail stores (click to enlarge)

What may this mean? It may mean that, in future, you are more likely to see the latest Apple products in your country, if your country also has Apple stores.


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