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Apple’s American customers are used to buying music, music videos, audiobooks, TV shows, movies, as well as renting movies — all through the iTunes store. However, not every Apple customer can do this. In fact, most of the international iTunes stores have no music for sale whatsoever.

As this map shows (click it for a larger version), there are very few countries where iTunes sells music. Of the 90 iTunes stores around the world, only 23 sell music — i.e. 67 do not. The vast majority of iTunes stores only sell iPhone apps, distribute iTunes U downloads for free, and do nothing else — not even podcasts.

If you think 23 is a bit low for music sales, even fewer sell other items such as TV shows (6) and Movies (also 6). Music videos do slightly better, being sold by 15 of the international iTunes stores.

The most surprising thing is the lack of music sales in Asia — with Japan being the only country where music is sold via iTunes. Further, very few of the international iTunes sites are in the local language of the country, the vast majority being presented in English.

Clearly, even though iTunes is currently the world’s number 1 music retailer, there is much potential for further growth outside of the United States. With this much potential, it is unlikely that iTunes will be surpassed by a rival anytime soon.

The following chart is a breakdown of all the iTunes stores:

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