James was abducted, tortured, and murdered by two boys in 1993. Picture courtesy of Wikipedia.

Microsoft made a deeply offensive blunder today, this time with their own search engine Bing (a rival to Google), in their celebrity tracking service.  They listed the brutally murdered British toddler James Bulger (pictured) as one of the web’s top “movie stars, musicians, and other famous people” on their xRank celebrity-ranking page.

James was abducted from an English shopping mall in 1993 by two boys, who then tortured and murdered the 2-year-old. However, Microsoft’s Bing lists him as #1 hot celebrity, above nude model Katie Price (Jordan), rock band Queen, British boyband JLS, and singer Lady Gaga.

The high-profile case has appeared on all major TV networks and in all newspapers in Britain over the past few days, as one of his killers has been returned to prison — perhaps on child pornography charges, so say the rumours.

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Apple's iPad roll-out mapped. Click for full-size view.

Apple announced the iPad release dates today. Americans will, as expected, get their hands on the iPad first at the start of April, however the Canadians, French, British, Spanish, Germans, Swiss, Italians, Australians, and Japanese will have to wait until the end of April. As for other countries? “Later” is all the information Apple has.

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Apps that make fart noises. An app that quacks like a duck. An app which shows a glowing red crystal. Yes, it’s the “limited functionality” parade. Apple sometimes rejects apps which they judge to have “limited functionality”, while allowing others which some would say are just as useless. Apple fans are often divided on the issue. Some argue that Apple has no right to decide what has “limited functionality” to the user, while others decry the mass of useless, cheap, poorly-written Apps in the store and would like Apple to reject more of them. What are the arguments, and which argument do you side with?

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Apple, and many other American corporations, sometimes indirectly employ children to make their goods. After public outcry or an audit, the practice is usually stopped — at least until it quietly starts again without anyone noticing. Recently Apple took action against some of it’s own Chinese suppliers for just that, as Apple isn’t the sort of corporation to tolerate that sort of thing. However, in a world where poor children are ruthlessly exploited, abused, and even murdered, because they have no place to go — could offering the poorest of the world’s children fair, part-time employment actually be a force for good?

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The iPod touch. It’s that misfit cousin in the Apple family. Apple didn’t know how to market it. Pundits didn’t know why they were selling it. It was derided for being a cheaper, less-capable iPhone. Yet, despite this, Apple has sold a whopping 32 million of these little devices, and stats suggest it may actually outsell the iPhone in 2010! However, the iPod touch has more unexpected magic up it’s sleeves.

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Will multi-touch be the new mouse? Will the App Store be the new ZIP download and DVD? Will tablet computing be the new desktop and laptop? Will Apple usher in the next computing revolution with the iPad? Please vote and record what your gut tells you about Apple’s (and our) future.

You may think Apple stores are everywhere in the United States, but as our chart (below) shows, there are still nine states (plus the District of Columbia) without a single Apple store. California, meanwhile, basks in the sun with a whopping 46 stores – the equivalent of 1 store for every 800,000 citizens.

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Apple’s American customers are used to buying music, music videos, audiobooks, TV shows, movies, as well as renting movies — all through the iTunes store. However, not every Apple customer can do this. In fact, most of the international iTunes stores have no music for sale whatsoever. Continue reading ‘Apple Mapped: iTunes by Country’

The Apple tech blogs have been ripe with speculation about the massive, 500,000 square foot (46,500 square metre) datacentre Apple is building in rural North Carolina. Some have wondered whether this is confirmation that Apple will unveil a new “computing in the cloud” service, or other wild ideas. Here’s why Apple fans shouldn’t be getting their hopes up too much.

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Which countries have official Apple websites, official online Apple Stores, and which countries have Apple retail stores? If you love maps, and you love Apple, you’ll love this post. See more after the jump.

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5,000: number of pornographic Apps Apple has removed from its App Store

1,000: total number of all Apps available for Palm’s WebOS

Fancy That!


“So Apple has unveiled its iPad,… doesn’t seem impressive at all… ugly…  a high priced, unnecessary trinket.” – Paul Thurrott, 27th January 2010

“But you know what? Whatever. I still want one.” – Paul Thurrott, 10th February 2010

Apple says its new iPad is “revolutionary”, and many pundits agree. If the iPad really does usher in a computing revolution, what can we hope to see in the future? Here are some possibilities, after the jump. Continue reading ‘Our iPad Future: 5 possibilities’

Photo by shibuya86, via sxc.hu

There has been a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth recently over Apple’s decision to pull all pornographic Apps from the iTunes App Store. However, their decision is right for Apple’s customers, right for their developers, and right for their shareholders. Find out why after the jump.

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